I know happiness, love, peace and freedom to be my true nature. Causeless happiness, love, peace and freedom are the unalloyed and lasting experiences that arise from getting in touch with the background of our being. My own such experiences have also served to confirm my undeniable unity with every being. As a result of this lived oneness with others, I have a deep and effortless desire to share this happiness, love, peace and freedom with others. 

Through my consulting service, I aim to facilitate an environment where, through dialogue, presence, and friendship, clients can entertain and investigate the deepest existential questions of who they really are, whether true sustainable happiness is possible, and how they can discover it in their own lives. I hope to serve as a mirror that can aid clients to clearly identify and discard the limited assumptions and beliefs they might have about themselves and the world, and reflects back the limitless possibilities of their true nature...always lurking in the background...waiting to be recognized and embraced. 

If delving into these questions, with openness and curiosity, is of interest to you, please contact me via info@edomyas.com. I am available for one-on-one sessions, both via Skype and in person (if possible) as well as for group discussions. First sessions are always free!!