Fickle Feline Friend


Sweat drops scattered on my forehead,
My body, weighed down heavily,
By the might of a hot summer afternoon,
I lie down on the hardwood floor
Yearning for some cool respite.

My feline friend seems to share my predicament.
Joining me in succumbing to gravity,
He demonstrates the proper stretching etiquette.

Our eyes gaze into each other’s,
I wonder what strange creature appears in his sight.
My hands reach out, slowly,
Making the first move to connect.
Twirling around, drawing little circles,
My fingers dance under his chin.

I am greeted, warmly
By the welcoming sound of a purr,
And the slight twitching of a tail;
Eyelids are allowed half a rest,
Simultaneously communicating
Alertness and sheer delight.

And then…

A paw springs into action!
Swiftly guiding my hands away.
Rising majestically to his feet,
Sauntering away with nonchalance,
His highness lets me know,
In no uncertain terms,
My service is no longer required.