Taking a little walk
Looking for answers
I suddenly came across
A number of travelers.

I met a righteous man of religion
Slowly drowning in blind certainty
“There is God living in heaven” he preached
Dressing up fire and brimstone as holy.

I met an ardent atheist
Carrying an un-Godly mission
“There is only me, and nothing else”
She proclaimed, with absolute conviction.

I met a naive naturalist
Burdened by concern for the planet
“Mother earth is all we have” she cried
Sounding so utterly desperate.

I met a serious scientist
Lost in the vast desert of his intellect
“If I cannot see it, it does not exist”
He claimed, convinced he was correct.

I met a quiet wise man
Steeped in perfect tranquility
“I only know that I am”
Is what he offered humbly.

Surrendering to seeing directly
Participating fully in the mystery
He lived in awe of the ineffable
In love, at peace, and joyful.

As I walked back home
I had a sudden realization
That I am the wise man
And all his other manifestations.