A Little Bird's Story


Heartache knocks on my door.
What gifts do you bring today? I ask.
I am here to tell you a love story.

There was once a little bird,
Who spent his life wondering, and wandering,
Searching for the source of his beautiful tunes,
Searching for the beloved he was meant to sing for,
Searching for his partner in the duet of life.

A quest seemingly with no end,
Finds its solace in the distant voice of his long lost lover.
With the subtle flutter of her wings,
She swoops in, singing sweet songs of love and freedom.
His little heart is instantly struck…
By the intensity of the force that created the universe.

Finally realizing the birthplace of his music,
Deep in the reaches of the eternal heart,
He sings to his beloved.
He sings to everyone.
He is drunk with delight.

As he emerges from his trance and opens his eyes,
He is greeted by an unbearable sight.
His lover is nowhere to be found.
She has taken flight to a far off place,
To continue her own wanderings.

What is knowing the source without knowing his lover?
What is becoming the source without being with his lover?
He is absolutely distraught.
He does not know what to do or where to go.
He decides to rest for a while.

Reluctantly waking up from his slumber,
He spreads his wings again.
Even though he is master over a newly expanded domain,
There is something missing.
No matter how high he soars,
No matter how far he flies,
He can’t stop looking for her.

He continues to sing his songs;
Others seem to enjoy his melodies.
But his heart is filled with sweet sadness,
And his voice is a bit hoarse,
As all he does is call out to her.

The one that strums his heartstrings like a violin virtuoso,
The one with whom he found his true voice,
The one that came bearing the gift of love,
The one that inspires him to continue singing.

Thank you, heartache,
For such a lovely story.
You are welcome to knock on my door any time.
But one of these days,
I sure hope you will bring some of your friends.
Perhaps harmony and resolution,
And maybe requited love and reunion.
For such a wonderful group,
I’ll be glad to host a grand celebration.