A Story of Love


With the sight of beauty sauntering into a meeting room,
Followed by nervous doodles on a piece of paper,
And laughter to pass away the time,
With sweet exchanges via the information superhighway,
And the exhilaration of a new beginning,
A tiny seed is sown.

A magical evening awaits, where stars align.
The distant neighborhood of Harlem,
The sounds of Jazz,
The city of Addis Ababa,
They all come into play to celebrate the dance of courtship.
With a passionate kiss,
And tender lovemaking,
With the opening of two hearts,
And the rediscovery of a cosmic friendship,
The fledgling life finds the sunshine it needs to sprout.

But the new seedling has to weather the storms of karma.
Through the hurricanes of sickness and struggle,
It finds shelter in simple acts of kindness.
Through the aches of separation and longing,
It is nurtured by brief moments of divine union.
Through the thunderstorms of doubt and confusion,
It feeds on the gushing tears of hope.
Through the darkness of apparent death,
It finds the healing light of immortality.

The tiny seed now stands as a giant tree.
Confident in its grandeur,
Its roots submerged into the depths of absolute knowing.
Unshakeable and undeterred by the seasonal changes,
It continues to grow,
Bearing the gifts of beautiful flowers and luscious fruit.