Love Is


My love for love is,
As creative as the force that spewed forth the universe,
As spontaneous as the birth of this verse.

As silent as the sun rising in the east,
As boisterous as an Ethiopian wedding feast.

As calming as a soft breeze on my cheeks,
As fierce as the havoc a tornado wreaks.

As cooling as a summer downpour,
As hot as the earth’s core.

As magical as a double rainbow,
As fresh as the first drops of snow.

As steady as a thousand year old Redwood tree,
As inspired as a Beethoven symphony.

As beautiful as a mother’s love for her child,
As unpredictable as the wild.

As innocent as a baby’s smile,
As challenging as running a 5-minute mile.

As effortless as the hovering of hummingbirds,
As exciting as playing hide and seek with the right words.

As exhilarating as a roller-coaster ride,
As freeing as jumping on a slip n’ slide.

As relaxing as lying on the beach,
As juicy as a ripe peach.

As sweet as a puppy’s affection,
As humbling as a kitty’s rejection.

As simple as using chopsticks,
As complex as quantum physics.

As refreshing as cold lemonade on a hot day,
As delicious as chomping on a Milky Way,
Is my love of loving love.