Man, Woman, Fish


A fish,
Dreaming it has been removed from water,
Finds itself struggling for breath.
It desperately yearns for the comfort of the ocean,
Which it had never before noticed.

A man and a woman,
Dreaming they are separate and alone,
Having been thrown out of paradise,
Spend their lives toiling and searching,
Not realizing they have always been home.

So what to do,
To see the other side,
To understand what is true?
Does the fish become a man?
Does the woman become a fish?

Or let’s say,
For argument’s sake,
The fish stays a fish,
The man chooses to be himself,
The woman becomes herself.

Or even better,
The fish says ‘I am the Ocean’…
Swimming becomes current,
Current becomes swimming.
The woman asks ‘Who am I?’
The man says ‘I Am’.
Man and woman cease to be.

Consider for a second,
Then take your pick.