The Gathering


The break of dawn was upon us,
Announced by the sun’s arrival as daytime keeper.
We began the endless walk,
With a few uncertain steps.

We run into the Great Buddha,
Sitting under the Bodhi tree.
We ask if we could sit with him for a while.
“You have always been sitting with me,” he says,
“And now, it’s time for me to accompany you.”

We encounter Jesus and his disciples.
In absolute awe, we are inclined to ask if we can walk with them.
“You have always been walking with us” he replies,
“And now, we shall walk with you.”

We pass by Krishna and bow our heads.
We ask if we can be his students.
“When I was talking to Arjuna, I was talking to all of you,” he says.
“I would like to see how you talk to others,
So I shall come with you.”

We come across Moses and his people, as he parts the Red Sea.
In reverence, we ask if we can cross with them.
“You have always been there, through every exodus, at every salvation,” he responds,
“And now, we shall go where you go.”

We meet Rumi, in the flow of birthing another verse.
We wonder if we could see the world through his eyes.
We ask if we could sit with him and revel in the beauty of the beloved.
“Every thought I had was you… every word I wrote was you,” he says.
“Now I’m excited to see what you compose,
So I shall accompany you.”

As the sun retreats for the evening,
And the night sky reveals its luminous spheres,
We pause here for a moment,
To breathe in unison,
To say our farewells.

As we go forth into the world,
Illuminated candles shining our light,
In the divine gathering that has followed and cradled us,
We shall find great comfort and delight.