Wake Up!


My dear beloved friend,

Sitting here as the eternal witness,
Finally comfortable in my rightful place,
Benevolently indifferent to the flux of life,
I see myself in you.

I see…
All of us,
All of humanity,
All of history,
All of time,
In you.

I see…
The blindfolds that have kept you from yourself,
The chains that have bound you to the illusion,
The freedom that patiently awaits you,
The love that never left you.

I see…
The truth of your timeless presence,
During dark times of so called personal misery,
In the depths of the many heartbreaks that turned you into a cynic,
In the mesmeric clutches of your endless intellectual masturbation,
In the meek surrender to your relentless ego,
Becoming an easy prey,
To no-thing wearing a monster’s costume.

I see…
You languishing in the prison of your ignorance,
Desperately trying to pry open the bars,
When the door behind you is wide open,
Inviting you to walk into the sunlight.

My dear beloved friend,

Listen to my loving whisper in your ear,
Feel my gentle kiss on your forehead,
And wake up from your nightmare.
Delight in the freedom of not being you,
Then go back to your dream,
Knowing you are the grand dreamer of all dreams.

Perhaps then,
You and I can prance around without care,
Smelling the flowers,
Embracing our childlike nature,
Becoming true degenerates in the eyes of those still asleep.