What Is Not Love?


How can you have the audacity
To tell me 
Love is not
The meaning of everything
The beginning, middle, and end…
And the beginning again?

What task has you so occupied?
Where have you stashed your heart?
Which dark sorcerer has abducted your light?

But you don’t have to listen to my words
You don’t have to indulge my insanity
You don’t have to believe my impassioned plea.

It is best that I just introduce you 
To my lifelong friend.

She is good at hiding
And suddenly…
Out of nowhere…

Here I am!

Come follow me
Let us take a little walk 
And look for her
Let us do nothing 
And wait for her.

She might be busy…

Being the Sun.

A bright star comforting the Earth
A shining light for all that is living
The friend that greets us in the morning
Always dependable in its silent giving


The time beckons for her to depart
Ushering in the last breath of a planet
And perhaps the beginning of new life
Somewhere else in the cosmos.

Being Water.

Kindly nourishing all life
Helping the seedlings become adults
Encouraging the blossoming of flowers
Supporting the ascendance of giant trees

Then suddenly…

In a show of great force and conviction
Flooding and washing away everything
So that something new can take root.

Being Fire.

The spark in the engine of life
Mesmerizing in its flaming display
Keeping us warm in its detached embrace
Speaking as the passion in our hearts

Then suddenly…

Transforming into a blazing monster
Destroying everything in its path
So that something new can emerge.

Being Air.

The precious movement of breath
The delicate bridge between life and death
Whisperer of timeless wisdom
Cooling friend to our overheated needs

Then suddenly…

Flaunting its great fury and power
Whipping up everything and blowing it away
So that something new can breathe.

Being Earth.

The foundation we can build on
Gracious host to our heavy burden
The pasture for all grazers
The makeup of our flesh

Then suddenly…

Exposing its wild and destructive side
Shaking vigorously until everything collapses
So that something new can rise.

Oh my dear friend…
She is a busy bee.

But I assure you
None of this will distract her
She will have time for you.

She always does.