I am
My dear father,
his endless generosity
his unwavering devotion
his solemn integrity

I am
My beloved mother,
her unbreakable faith
her deep compassion
her love of laughter

I am
My dear brother,
his tireless seeking
his artistic intellect
his silent affection

I am
My beloved kitty,
her majestic face
her sweet aloofness
her subtle presence

I am
Every friend
I have opened my heart to
Shared my deepest being with

I am
Every friend
I have listened intently to
Not just with my ears

I am
Every friend
I have extended my hand to
And explored playtime with

I am
Every friend
I have enjoyed as a playmate
And lost all sense of time with

I am
Every woman I have ever loved
Every loving touch I have offered
Every lump I have tried to swallow
Every alluring glance I have received

Every butterfly that has fluttered in my chest
Every beautiful hand I have ever held
Every glowing eye revealing a hidden universe
Every sweet kiss I have encountered

Every joyful dance of a novel romance
Every aching moment of a heartbreak
Every ecstatic welcome for a new beginning
Every tear drenched response to a farewell

I am
Every heartfelt laugh I have ever enjoyed
Every glowing smile that has crossed my vision
Every delectable meal I have ever tasted
Every musical ride I have ever taken

Every delightful game I have ever played
Every beautiful scene I have ever witnessed
Every single thing I have ever known
Every single thing yet to be discovered

I am
Every cell in my body
Each and every tissue
Every breathe I inhale
Each and every exhalation

Every thought I have
Each and every sensation
Every movement I muster
Each and every resting

I am
Every shape and size
Every color and hue
Every rock and plant
Every cloud and dew

Every grass and stone
Every root and mineral
Every leaf and sunshine
Every raindrop and flower

Every gravel and star
Every planet and cavern
Every moonlight and branch
Every desert and mountain

I am
Endless joy
Fathomless love
Indescribable peace
Bottomless compassion

I am
The glory of being
The silence of non-being
The surrendering to
The mystery within

I am The One
That stirs as inspiration
That appears as creativity
Kindling this composition
To celebrate my eternity