I am, I live, I love, I do, I write…as a willing and joyful instrument for the manifestation of inexhaustible creative energy, bursting through every seam. As spontaneous inspiration takes frequent hold of me, I am compelled to find beautiful ways to convey my experiences. Touched by love, freedom and beauty, I engage in the playful endeavor of attempting to express the ineffable, through presence and friendship, and through the art of weaving words into stories.

I see Buddha Nature…Christ Consciousness…Pure Being…Self…in everyone and everything. I see truth, love and beauty in the background of all, in the relative experiences of pain and pleasure, birth and death. I see life as poetry in motion…subtle connections permeating all phenomena, always inviting us to listen and look closely.

I am moved to share this truth, by continuing to develop a refined and boundless voice for the timeless. This usually takes the form of a loving presence in people's lives, a spontaneous engagement with the written word, and an openness to any creative form that makes itself available in the moment.

By continuing to surrender to this universal movement, I am humbly answering the call to participate in the ever-imaginative dance of love and creation.