Stillness Speaks


Stillness is …

Birds gathering to greet the morning sun
chirping away during their daily conference
leaving me wondering
which one is shouting ‘Order! Order!’

Solitary ant
a giant for its kind
wandering across the porch
and tumbling over a ledge
imitating a groggy inebriate
basking in the joy of temporary amnesia.

Leaves swinging up and down
swaying left and right
happily dancing in unison
in response to the rhythmic prodding
of gentleman breeze.

Distant sounds of hammering
revealing the intricacy of the human machine
muscles and tendons working in tandem
obediently carrying out instructions
from Grand Master Brain.

A couple of cranes
soaring in the sky
immersed in mysterious repartee
synchronized flight patterns
remaining undisturbed.

Quilted diversity
of shapes and colors
circles, squares, and rectangles
ovals, lines, and spirals
blue, pink, and yellow
red, brown, and green
neatly brought into perception
by the seamless conversation
between the light and my eyes.

Ominously haunting silence
on the shimmering surface of a pond
concealing the commotion underneath
unseen, and always on the verge
of suddenly announcing its existence.

A frighteningly large beetle
incessantly buzzing around
shamelessly attempting to flaunt
a genetic disposition
for the art of annoying.

Sighting of glossy black scales
on a sleek, slithering, 4 foot body
Screaming out a pair of words in shock
summoning the holiness of number two
while a swift jump backwards
acts as a valuable reminder
that in moments of terror
I still hold a bit of leverage
on all powerful gravity.

Re-entering the delicious warmth of home
Greeted by sizzling sounds of kitchen comfort
and the coaxing of delightful aroma
as freshly chopped onion and garlic
welcome the heat of a frying pan
spinach and kale wilting without complaint
mushrooms slowly changing in complexion
a hungry vegetarian palate
preparing to embark on an adventure
down the stream of delightful flavor.

Staring deep into the eyes
of my newest toddler friend
time vanishing into the timeless
the veil lifting from illusionist extraordinaire
ushering me back to the living dream
is the audible vibration of a loud burp
and the sharing of unbridled laughter.

Images of unfiltered smiles
catching me by surprise
dissolving into feelings
of pure love and kindness
humbling me with gratitude
for the magic of friendship
in awe of the great mystery
of kindred hearts
drifting into each other’s lives.

Whether we choose to listen
or not,

Stillness speaks.